Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shot from the Block Doc: 7 ways to barrel through writer’s block

1.    Ask yourself, “If I had to write five crappy pages today, what would I write?” Then write that!

2.    Have you set up a schedule for the chapters you are responsible for delivering? A sense of urgency is imperative!

3.    Who is waiting to review your pages and when do they expect them?  Nothing like having someone to deliver to if you want to keep on track!

4.    Who do you discuss your writing with weekly?  It is important that you have someone who is helping you remain accountable to your progress.  Nothing like a flame at your backside to get you to produce!

5.    Write 5 crappy pages everyday and remind yourself that first drafts are supposed to stink!  They are a launching pad from which the real work will take place.

6.    If you are seriously stuck, assume you just don’t know your characters well enough and dive back into your character bibles! If you have truly brought them to life, they will dictate the story and you will merely be a conduit!

7.    Put your head down and write anyway. Starting is the toughest part. Even for those of us who write every day, sometimes just getting going is the toughest part.  Shut up and do it.           

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