Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've got a great story idea. Now what?

Ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution is king. If you have a great story idea, ask yourself, is it so good that no matter what happens to me over the next five to ten years of my life, I’m willing to push through and persevere for the sake of this idea? This brings up the topic of theme that I often discuss. How does your idea match up with the theme of your life? We all have a theme that pushes us daily, a mission that drives us through life that is based on very deep fears and desires that rule our smallest every day choices. How does your idea relate to your theme? Is it so powerful in your life that you simply must follow that idea no matter the downside? If not, move on from that idea or simply pursue it as a hobby. The “idea” that you pursue is a small business, an invention, a piece of art. All three take tremendous determination and investment of both time and money to bring to the light of day.

That being said, if you have a great idea and the willingness to devote a massive portion of your life to it—emotionally, financially, and through your time—call my assistant Lauray and she’ll set up a time for us to speak. 815-346-2398

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