Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Blog Maniacs

With blogging taking off like mad and people and businesses realizing the potential of generating a dedicated readership, we have been flooded with those who want to blog, but are:

1. burnt out from already blogging for a while;
2. intimidated because they have yet to blog; or
3. just too busy to make time to blog.

As a result we have taken on nearly a dozen new clients that we blog for just in the last 30 days. And WOW, we’re having fun and they are just bowled over. Here are two responses I saw yesterday:

“Incredible, Awesome, wonderful, and on top of it all you have exceeded my expectations! Can’t wait to see the new blogs. You are Unbelievable!”

“Wow! Now that is impressive!”

Sue Publicover and I are in the process of building an entire business model around blogging. Here’s what we do:

1. Write and post exceptional blogs.
2. Generate multiple profiles on social networking sites for the blogs to feed into.
3. Find and comment on related sites, drawing those dedicated readers to the new blog.

This combination is explosive and if repeated over time, has the potential to generate great visibility and strong leads for our clients. And all at a price point that cannot be beaten for this type of quality. Blogging is such a cost-effective way of marketing what you do, and it is amazing how many bad writers are trying to write their own blogs and actually pushing people away when a service like this is available! I suppose we need to get the word out!

Happy Blogging!

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