Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Growing the Business

I just read a wonderful posting by an agent I’ve been following in the blogosphere named Jessica Faust. Her blog entry Rolling With the Punches mirrors the internal changes that form the daily landscape inside our own company. Currently in our third year, we’re successful, but we’re still working incredibly hard on a daily basis to define ourselves and then articulate who we are to our audience. I believe that it is this willingness to dive into the insanity every single day that makes the ride such a blast. Some days are up and others are down, but every one is full of raw emotions: joy, terror, pain, sorrow, fear, splendor and a regular dose of anxiety. I look forward to our five year birthday and truly believe that will be the time we really settle into who we are. For those of you on this crazy journey called entrepreneurship (as an artist or as a company), please weigh in on the challenges you’re facing. I’d love to hear.

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